Broken Lawn Mower: Fix It Yourself Using These Quick Tips

Home appliances often wear and tear when they are used for an extended period. Lawn mowers are one of the most common culprits to experience a hitch. If your lawn mower is broken, you need not be worried; the problems are normally simple issues that you can troubleshoot on your own. But if these don’t work, you can always call Sawyer to repair your lawn mower.

The Starter Rope Breaks When Pulling

You pull the rope one last time to start the lawn mower, but it suddenly breaks, and the tip disappears into the hole. Do not sigh off with frustration. Repairing a starter rope is easy, and you can do it yourself. First, remove the screws that hold the shroud in place. You will find that the broken rope is looped inside the rewind unit. Grab it with a sharp object then pull out. Buy a new line from the nearby appliance repair Tulsa store and fix it into the hole.

The Engine Won’t Start

You used your lawn mower a few weeks ago, but now the engine won’t start. Mostly when the engine does not start, the problem might be with the fuel or carburetor. Let’s dig in to find a quick solution for you. The engine cannot get gas when the carburetor inlet is stuffed, or the fuel filter plugged. Check inside the tank for debris and get rid of it. Remove the fuel filter inlet so that gas can run. If it doesn’t, then the fuel filter needs replacement. It is easy to replace one, simply buy the parts from the nearest appliance repair Lubbock store.

lawnmowerYour Mower Suddenly Goes Silent

You are happily mowing then suddenly the engine goes silent. There are several problems that could be occurring at this stage. First off, if you are cutting grass that is too tall, you might experience this many times. Simply raise the cutting height on your mower. Secondly, there could be water in the gas tank. Drain the tank and dry it, if you find that there is water in the tank. The third and most common problem is the presence of too many clippings on the underside of the mower. Take it to a level place and clean the it by removing the excess debris.